One call for expert solutions


We service small, medium and large enterprises alike and our experience allows us to find fitting solutions for the 1-man entrepreneur as well as the 2,400 employee corporate.  The services are provisioned onsite as well as offsite in local, national and global data centres. Our technicians are available nationally - or, if not available at your particular location or company branch, we'll find a suitable contractor to work under our direction and standards. Our management and engineering services are at your disposal adding value to many businesses everyday.

Research, Branding, Marketing & Lifecycles

Our services covers the complete lifecycle of your business as well as that of your individual products and services.

This starts with market research & branding. Followed by domain registration services, SEO, website development, social media, affiliates and partners.  Maybe you require networking and server cabinet installations before adding the servers,  workstations, laptops and mobiles to the office.  We've got your covered. You will require internet access at your business, emailing facilities and above average security.  Just pickup the phone or complete a contact form.

We have decades experience in Partner Relation Management (PRM) -, Customer Relation Management (CRM) - and various Entity Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including financial systems and the integration thereof with the aforementioned systems.  Likewise, we can assist with tender evaluations, CTO management and general consultations.



Your servers, workstations, systems and products will require top notch support services.  We provide both ad hoc / per incident support as well as service level agreement support contracts - which you can deploy either on fixed schedule onsite basis, call-out basis or on remote support basis.